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Although small in size in comparison to a mattress, the pillow’s role in providing a healthy night’s sleep is almost as important by providing a resting place for the most important parts of your body. The Sleepharmony pillow philosophy is to incorporate Support, Comfort, Cooling, Pressure Relief, and Health in each pillow design to ensure the sleeper wakes rested and ready for the day.

Our Revolution  Tech Pillows are $79.95 USD any reference.




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A pillow made for side sleeping

Side sleeping is the most common sleep posture — it’s comfortable and helps some people reduce snoring and breath easier. But most pillows are too low or soft. Side sleepers often have to stack, bunch or fold pillows to get the support they need. Unfortunately, these kinds of strategies fail to provide reliable elevation as you shift positions throughout the night. The result: a pillow you have to “manage” to get the support you need.