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Make Your Kid’s Room Study-friendly

Well, back-to-school time is here again as another summer fades away.   Perhaps your children have moved up to a much more “mature” year in school where homework demands increase and along with that the need for a quiet, organized space to study.  Here are some tips for updating or outfitting your child’s bedroom.

1)      Watch out for the TV!  TV can be a big distraction when it comes to studying so you may want to save bedroom TV for the weekends only.  If there is a portable TV in there, make sure it stays off.

2)      Have a dedicated workspace for bedroom study time.  Modular furniture, storage bunks with built-ins, or a nice solid desk and chair will give your child a place to sit down and concentrate.  Also having a private space to store and keep their stuff makes them apt to remain more organized.


3)       Declutter.  Get rid of old toys that have outgrown their usefulness and make your kid feel like they are in a baby’s room.  It’s important for their space to grow with them so don’t hang onto stuff because you have an attachment to them that your children no longer do.


4)      Music is good.  In moderation!  Music can help concentration and motivation, so don’t push them to turn it off.    Just make sure that they are working while listening!


If you need help planning changes to your child’s bedroom, come into Bedrooms and see us.  We have all the stuff you need to grow their room for them.