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4 Benefits of Bunk Beds

Using bunk beds has many advantages that many people don’t think about.


If you have a lot of children, live with lots of other family members, or receive a lot of visits there may not be enough bedrooms and enough space for everybody to have their own

individual single bed in the room.



Some people have the perception that bunk Beds are for camp, and they are not cute or nice pieces of furniture, but that is not true! 


Bunk Beds have evolved a lot in the last decade, and now they have a lot of advantages and they are a great investment.




Filling vertical space with bunk beds, especially if you have many children, opens up valuable floor space—key for creating larger play areas and making way for desks, dressers and other furniture.




With bunk beds, there are no added expenses for headboards and foundations/box springs. From a broader perspective, you can lower the cost of a home exponentially by using bunks beds and eliminating the need for numerous rooms. You’ll find that bunk beds are perfect fits in vacation homes and cabins, too.



If you want future ability to make room changes, bunk beds come with numerous options. Some can be separated into two twin beds—perfect for kids who might decide they don’t want to be high off the floor. Bunk beds are available in twin and full sizes, or a combination of both—helpful for accommodating kids of all ages, and you can also add different kinds of storage which make the bunk beds even more functional.


The best thing about bunk beds today is their versatility.  Much better designed than in “the olden days” bunk beds can now be their own little-self=contained world.  Built in desks, drawers and storage nooks, curtains, steps … they have come a long way.



For caregivers, if you need to take care of somebody through the night because of health issues, consider a bunk—you’ll be able to help them without having to leave the room. Outside of caregiving, bunks are a great option for guest rooms, especially if you’re expecting the family to visit from out of town.



For the homeowner, the best advantage is cost and space.  Smaller, shared bedrooms become more functional when you are able to save space and bunk beds are a great way to do that.  A bunk bed set usually costs less money than buying two separate bed set-ups, so that’s another advantage.  When the children or the room grow – take them apart for two separate beds. Easy!



So if you are looking to furnish a room for your little astronauts or ballerinas, take a look at the great bunk bed selection at Bedrooms and see what kind of fantasies your kids can dream up.