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3 Nursery Furniture Essentials - Bedrooms Peabody

3 Nursery Furniture Essentials 

It’s always exciting to decorate your baby’s nursery with pretty art on the wall, area rugs, cute wallpaper, etc. but what about the essentials you absolutely need in the nursery? Bedrooms located in Peabody, MA has all the right nursery furniture you’ll need to create your perfect room. Here are 4 basic essential items you’ll need to get. Make sure you also take measurements of your nursery before buying furniture so that everything you’re looking to get will fit! 


A crib is where newborns spend most of their time so it is important that you purchase a durable and safe crib. Newborn babies can sleep up to 16 hours a day so make sure you’re giving them a comfortable and safe sleeping environment. Bedrooms has a great selection of cribs in different styles and colors so you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your nursery. We also carry cribs with attached changing tables for your convenience! 


As mentioned above, a newborn spends about 65% of their day sleeping so it’s only right you give them a durable and extremely comfortable mattress. Bedrooms carries the amazing Naturepedic organic mattress that features organic cotton fabric and filling. Naturepedic does not use latex so that the mattress is more allergen-friendly for babies and kids. The mattress is also waterproof and made without any harmful chemicals. If you’re interested in this amazing Naturepedic mattress, take a look at it here for more information! 


You, of course, need a place to put your baby’s clothes! You can’t really put baby clothes in a closet because of their size, but a dresser is perfect. When having a baby, especially your first one, people always love to gift clothes so make sure you have a great place to store them all! Shop at Bedrooms for some of the best dressers. We have different shapes and sizes for you to choose from! 

Come By Bedrooms Peabody

As you have read, Bedrooms carries all the essential nursery furniture that you’ll need to make your nursery perfect. Come by to take an in-person look at all the amazing furniture we have to offer. We are located on Newbury St. in Peabody, MA. Or, you can browse through our website to online order any furniture that catches your eye. Contact us with any additional questions today!

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