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5 Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Furniture – Bedrooms Peabody

5 Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Furniture

You’re in love with your new platform bed or futon, but you can see your pet mischievously eyeing the new addition from across the room. There’s no way to convince them this item isn’t for their pleasure, and you can just tell that, when your back is turned, they will attempt to claim it through a series of scratches or a collection of dander. To keep your furniture in perfect shape, consider these tips below.

Use Fabric & Hardwood Protector

One of the primary options for protecting your furniture is to purchase a protective spray or solution for upholstered and hardwood furniture. Even with the most well-trained pets, accidents happen, so it is crucial to protect your brand-new furniture with waterproof, hardwood protective spray. For mattresses or upholstered items, like couches, use a fabric protector that extends the life of the fabric and makes cleaning up messes much easier. These protective solutions cost anywhere from $3 to $20. Always check the labels to make sure they are not toxic to pets.

Groom Your Pets Regularly

Grooming your pets is essential for their health and comfort, but it is also a great way to make sure your new furniture doesn’t get damaged over time. When dogs or cats do not have their nails trimmed, this can lead to scratch marks or an increased aptitude for scratching and kneading. Trim your pets’ nails at least once a month. You should also brush your pets regularly to prevent an accumulation of hair around your house, which can become difficult to clean off of your furniture over time. Keep in mind that if your pets aren’t comfortable, they will exhibit behaviors such as scratching or using the bathroom outside of their designated areas. Staying up to date on your pets’ needs is the best way to keep your furniture in pristine condition.

Offer Scratching Alternatives

Scratching is an instinctual behavior for many animals. Unfortunately, this behavior can be the demise of your brand-new bedroom set, futon, or dresser. To prevent your pet from making a bee-line to your furniture to satisfy this need, offer different items specifically for scratching. Many cat towers come with scratching posts to alleviate this craving. You can also purchase mats to place on the floor or drape over the arm of your couch or loveseat. Give your cat extra incentive by sprinkling catnip over the item.

Utilize Slipcovers

Slipcovers are one of the most popular ways to keep seating safe from any damage pets can inflict. Though seat covers aren’t always the most fashionable option, they are fantastic for when you’re out of town or at work. There are plenty of options that are cozy as well, which means that your pets can still sleep comfortably on the furniture without harming it.

Keep Pets Out of Certain Rooms

Another option for keeping your furniture free from pet damage is to prevent your pets from going into the rooms where these items are located. Many pet owners do not want to restrict their pets from traveling freely across the home, but if you find the solutions above are not enough to prevent your pet from making a mess, this may be your only option. Keep bedroom doors closed when you are not in the room, or set up a gate to stop your pet from entering spaces that do not have doors.

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