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Frequently Asked Bunk Bed Questions

Bunk beds are a kids’ favorite in general and they a great option if you have limited space for multiple beds. In a shared bedroom, bunk beds are not only practical but versatile as well. Today, bunk beds are available in a range of styles and colors and can accommodate not just little kids, but bigger kids as well. Whether it is a traditional wood or metal frame, there are bunk beds available on the market that can complement any style and room design. Here are some FAQs about bunk beds and the answers that can help you to decide on the right bunk bed for you.

Q. What is the right age for sleeping on bunk beds?

A. It is important to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the appropriate age for a bunk bed. Some recommendation is six years of sleeping on the top bunk, while some suggest eight or nine years. It is common for older siblings to sleep on the top bunk in a shared room


Q. Is it possible to separate the bunk bed into two beds?

A. Not all bunk beds can be separated. It depends on the style of the bunk bed.


Q. Is it possible for bunk beds to collapse?

A. While not all bunk beds share the same safety features, but if they are quality beds they won’t simply collapse. It’s crucial to ensure that bunk beds are assembled correctly for safety. It’s best to adhere to the weight requirements, avoid rough use, and perform regular inspections of the bunk bed to ensure security.


Q. What mattress is a fit for bunk beds?

A. Since bunk beds come in a variety of sizes, such as a twin over twin, twin XL bunk, twin over full and full over full, you will have to get a mattress of the appropriate size that fits your specific bunk bed. Bunk beds do not require a box spring because they are platform beds.


Q. Can adults sleep on a bunk bed?

A. There are bunk beds that are designed to accommodate adults. Bunk beds are common in many college dorm rooms, cottages, and cabins. It is crucial to adhere to the weight guidelines.


Q. What safety issues should I keep in mind?

A. Keep in mind that when bunk beds are properly constructed and assembled, they are structurally safe and can support their intended users. Safety issues arise from user mistakes, such as rough use and inappropriate weight, which can be avoided and prevent accidents from happening. Add a safety rail on the wall-side of the bed to protect small children from slipping in the space between the mattress and the wall. Avoid placing bed directly under a ceiling that doesn’t have enough clearance for safe movement. Ensure that the ladder is secure for use.


If you decide that a bunk bed is what you need for your space, Bedrooms has an array of options to match your specific needs. You can rely on our excellent team of professionals to answer all your bunk bed questions. Contact us today!

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