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Futons vs. Daybeds: Which is Right For Me?

Depending on your needs, buying a traditional bed and a mattress may not work for you. Thankfully, there are a few other options out there that make sleeping and lounging easy and comfortable. Futons and daybeds are just a couple of options you can choose from that function as a place to rest your head at night and an area to relax during the day. We’ll review the primary differences between these options so you can figure out which is best for you and your space.


A futon is a Japanese style bed that can easily be folded into an upright sitting option. The original futon, conceived in the 17th century, was simply placed on the floor, but Westernized futons are usually a mattress and a convertible frame. Futons tend to cost much less than regular beds and are often used in spaces that serve multiple purposes. Many people that live in studio apartments or conduct most of their daily activities out of one room choose to have a futon, as it can be conveniently converted into a couch for guests and a bed when it's time to sleep. Futon mattresses are thin with a lightly stuffed cotton filling encased in fabric. Some futon mattresses come fully attached to the futon frame as well.


A daybed can function as both a bed and a sofa. This option comes with a three-sided frame, a mattress, and often storage underneath for maximum convenience. Unlike a futon, a daybed does not need to be folded to act as proper seating. You can rearrange the bedding and pillows to create the ideal space. A daybed mattress tends to be a twin and can be replaced every few years as needed. Daybeds work well in guestrooms, offices, or dens – basically, any room that tends to be multifunctional will house a daybed well. You can expect to pay more for a daybed than a futon.

Picking the Right Option

So, which option is right for your space? You should first consider your budget. If money is tight and you prefer a cheaper option, a futon is the way to go. Futons are also easier to set up, as a daybed has multiple parts that require thoughtful construction. However, if you want to give a spare room a luxurious feel, a daybed is the way to go. Daybed frames are usually more intricately made, the mattresses tend to be thicker and comfier, and they have a more aesthetically pleasing build.

If you’re short on space, a futon can be easily converted or even fully folded up to make way for any items that must be stored in a particular room. They are also great for those who tend to not have guests but would like a sleeping option available when the occasional sleepover occurs. Daybeds have more of a permanence and aren’t as easy to move around the house. However, if you want to give your guests an extra bit of comfort while elevating the design of a room, go for the daybed.

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