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Key Pieces for Designing the Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom is the first room you will see in your home every morning and the last room you see every night. There are a few key pieces you need to make your bedroom the best space it can be. This article covers essential items you need to bring both functionality and design to any bedroom.

Bed Frame 

Your bedroom is a room for your bed – so your bed is the key piece of furniture. It is a piece of furniture you will use every day for multiple hours – likely more than any other piece of furniture in your home. So it is vital that you invest in a quality bed – and that includes a bed frame.

There are a lot of options for bed frames, so you can find something that will suit your bedroom’s décor while also providing the support and structure your bed needs. If your style changes frequently, you may want to choose a very neutral frame style. 

Bedding and Pillows 

In addition to the bed frame, you’ll want to choose beautiful, quality bedding and pillows. Not only does the bedding provide an aesthetic quality to your room, but it can also impact your health and your sleep quality.

Designers recommend going with neutral bedding and punching it up with accessories so that you can change the look and feel while maintaining the basics. You will want to avoid anything chaotic-feeling for your bedroom, as this can impact sleep.

Statement Lighting 

In many rooms designed by normal designers, lighting is an afterthought. But lighting should be a key focus for any bedroom. Not only do you need to think about getting the light you need in the space you have, but you’ll also want to think about how you’ll turn lights on and off from bed.


Don’t worry – you don’t need a lot of furniture in your bedroom. But a quality dresser is a must. You’ll likely use your dresser every day, so you’ll want it to be able to withstand that kind of usage. Choose high-quality wood for the best durability.

Window Fixture  

Not only does a window fixture add another design element to the space, it also serves a very functional usage in a bedroom. The window fixture will control how much (or how little) light is entering the room at certain times of day. If you want to sleep in on the weekend, for example, you may want to invest in light-blocking window treatments. However, if you struggle to wake up on time, a thinner option that lets in more light may be a better option.

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By investing in these key 5 areas of your bedroom, you can create a functional and beautiful space to enjoy every day. Bedrooms in Peabody has all the furniture to help build your dream bedroom. Visit us today at 88 Newbury St, Peabody MA, or browse our website to take a look at what we have to offer. Feel free to call us at 978-535-6421 if you have any questions!

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