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Creating the Ideal Home Office Space

Work from home positions are becoming more and more popular, creating an increased need for a home office space that is comfortable and functional. It is important to cultivate an area that addresses all of your work needs while leaving room for creativity, inspiration, and even a bit of relaxation. Let’s examine how we can create the best home office space with just a few key elements.

Purchase the perfect desk

The perfect desks differ depending on your needs. If simplicity is key, you can opt for a desk with no drawers or storage options. This works well for those whose desks serve multiple purposes, like a mini tv stand. This desk by Innovations is great for the minimalist who wants something unfussy yet refined.

Those who have a home office that doubles as a beauty studio would love the Lake House Writing Desk/Vanity by Hillsdale, which comes with an option mirror attachment. If you’re an influencer, you can edit your content and create a gorgeous makeup look in the same area.

Add shelving or bookcases

Desk clutter is a killer of productivity. You often have limited desk storage space, so supplementing this by adding shelves, bookcases, or cabinets in your office can prevent excess document buildup in your workspace. If you are renting, there are plenty of shelving options available that require no drilling and minimal installation time.

Use functional decor

Decorating your space can promote inspiration and make you feel more comfortable. Using a beautiful, magnetic calendar keeps your main tasks and events in front of you while giving you the chance to outfit the piece with personal magnets and accessories. Similarly, turning an entire wall into a corkboard gives you plenty of space to bring your ideas to life.

Double the space as a guest room

If you only have one spare room, your best bet is to make it multi-functional. Adding a futon allows you to easily offer any impromptu guests a place to rest their head at night. It can also help when an extended work sesh turns into an almost-all-nighter with a brief nap break. Place the futon upright during the day to allow for more space.

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