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Transforming Your Guest Bedroom – Bedrooms Peabody

Transforming Your Guest Bedroom

Bedrooms Peabody

The rest of your home decked out with thoughtfully curated furniture and decor, reflecting your family and personality perfectly. However, your guest bedroom is looking a little… sparse at the moment. It may be tempting to leave the room as is since it doesn’t get used daily, but investing in every area of your home pays off well in the end. Your guests will appreciate the warmth and comfort of the space when they visit, and you will always be prepared in the event of a friend or family member needing to stay for an extended period of time. We’ll explore a few ways to elevate your guest bedroom, transforming it into a true oasis for visitors

Trade in Matching Furniture for Complementary Pieces

It can be tempting to deck out the room in a matching bedroom set and call it a day. The truth is, you should always decorate your bedroom with furniture you genuinely love, especially since you may have to borrow from this space temporarily if you come across issues with your primary bedroom furniture.

At Bedrooms, we offer high quality furniture crafted with premium wood. You can use a bed with a gray tufted headboard, such as the Orion Platform Bed, and chestnut dressers or nightstands for subtle warmth. Or, when opting for a birch-colored bed frame, you can use cherry or walnut in other areas of the room to draw the majority of the light in the space to the bed, which tends to be at the center of the room.

Upgrade to High Thread-Count Bedding

Old sheets from your closet do not belong in your guest room. Your visitors should feel comfortable and taken care of during their stay, and to encourage a great night’s sleep, sheets with a thread count of 300 or higher are a must. When sheets have a higher thread count, they are softer and won’t roughen easily over time. You don’t have to dish out big bucks for the best sheets in the industry – you can easily find two sets of 300+ thread count sheets for under $100, an investment that will last you quite a while.

Use Smart Storage Options

One of the best storage options for limited space is to opt for a storage bed in your guest bedroom. Options like the Hillsdale Lake House Payton Arch Bed are refined and beautiful with plenty of underbed storage space for extra sheets, blankets, and other items your guests may need during their stay. This works well for homes that do not have a spare hallway linen closet. Other frames, like the Shaker Storage Tall 6 Drawer storage bed offers multiple smaller drawers for better organization, allowing you to keep toys, books, shoes, and other items tucks away rather than strewn across the room or placed somewhere visible, something that can easily make the space feel cluttered and tiny.

Make the Dresser the Centerpiece of the Room

Though many guests will not use the entire dresser during their stay – especially for a short-term visit – you can still use this as a decorative opportunity that will really stand out. Get an ornate mirror and prop it above or atop the dresser to add an air of regality to the space. Offer gold-plated trays, beautiful jewelry boxes, or books with interesting covers, things that make your guest room feel like something out of a magazine. Vases with flowers or other plants can add charm and comfort to the room. You can also incorporate candles on the dresser, but make sure they are placed on the opposite side of any plants or easily flammable items. Framed artwork or pictures of your pets also add joy to the space as well, making your guests feel like part of the family.

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If you’ve been on the hunt for timeless furniture constructed with premium materials and care, Bedrooms has the perfect selection of quality bed frames, dressers, nightstands, and more to furnish your guest bedroom. We’ll help you choose the perfect furniture for your space, and we even offer delivery and set-up services to make the process a breeze. Fill out our contact form today for more details or feel free to give us a call at (978) 535-6421.

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