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How To Design A Great Guest Room

Guest rooms are an important part of your home if you’re passionate about hosting friends and family. When designing a guest room, it’s crucial to make it both comfortable and functional, so it seems like a home away from home for your visitors. At Bedrooms, we can supply you with the comfortable and functional hardwood furniture that will have your guests thrilled to come stay with you again!


The most important part of a guest room is the furniture it contains. With this being said, the most crucial piece of furniture in your guest room is a comfortable and stylish bed. This is where your guests will spend most of their time when they’re in the guest room, so it’s important to have a comfortable, stylish bed rather than a raggedy hand-me-down that used to be in another room. Here at Bedrooms, we offer a wide selection of both hardwood bed frames and top-of-the-line mattresses. Check out our online store to view our full selection! If you want your guest room to really stand out, have a look at our adult-sized bunk beds! The next crucial piece of furniture in your guest room is a functional dresser. If you really want your guests to feel at home, they should have plenty of space to unpack and put their clothes away. Check out our selection of premium hardwood dressers and nightstands on our online store! One more important piece of furniture to have in your guest room, especially in today’s day and age, is a desk. A small desk and chair in your guest room can give your guests a private place to work from home if need be. Make sure to have plenty of outlets and the WiFi password nearby! View our selection of desks here!


The next step to creating a great guest room is creating the ambiance. Decorations are important because, along with beautiful furniture, they set the tone of the room. One decoration your guest room needs is a comfortable bedding set. A great bed and mattress is nothing without a cozy set of sheets, pillows and blankets! The next decoration that’s absolutely necessary is stylish curtains so your guests can have privacy and can control the amount of light in the rooms while they sleep. One more great decoration to include in your guest room is some plants. Plants are a beautiful and cost effective decoration that will make your guests feel at home in your beautiful guest room!

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