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How to Organize a Shared Children’s Bedroom

There are many circumstances that require more than one child to share a bedroom. This arrangement can be frustrating for both parents and children. Children often argue over their space and toys. While adults can become flustered due to the clutter and lack of organization. Whether your children occupy one room due to space limitations, or because of their age and bond, there are ways to organize this space efficiently.  


The first step for any successful organization goal is to declutter the space. You should donate all unwanted toys and clothing that no longer fits.  

Remove all seasonal items and store in totes. Rather than waste closet space, you can put these seasonal items underneath the beds.  

Bunk Beds Save Space 

Bunk beds are a traditional solution for saving space in a shared bedroom. This option allows for more play space and provides additional storage opportunities. Some even come with built-in drawers or space to place cubes. You can also use the bunk itself to hang baskets for additional storage. 


Maximizing the bedroom space is crucial to keep a shared space organized. Keep baskets and cubes where children can access them for their toys. There should be a place for everything, and children must practice this habit.  


Shelving is a must for organizing a shared bedroom. Shelves provide plenty of room for storage without taking up too much space. Place shelves above dressers, desks, and other unreachable areas for items that are not frequently needed.  


Trying to give each child a section dedicated to their favorite characters and interests can be difficult, expensive, and visually displeasing. It is a better decision to choose a theme that will satisfy both children. This will make designing the room easier, more affordable, and more successful in terms of your color palette.  

Each Child Needs Their Unique Space  

When organizing your children’s bedroom, it is important to remember that each child does require their own living space. Children can be quite particular about their clothing and toys and deserve to have places designated specifically for them. Keep this in mind when organizing items in the closet and arranging toys.  

Ongoing Project 

Parents should remember that keeping a children’s bedroom organized is an ongoing project that requires regular maintenance. Children regularly outgrow their clothing and toys, and seasons change. Every six months parents should reevaluate the items in their children’s room to determine if they are still relevant. Getting rid of items on a regular basis will prevent clutter before it becomes overwhelming.  

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