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Is Your Mattress Too Soft? You Might Need a Firmer One

Going back in history, people used to find sleeping comfort on beds of hays. But thanks to innovations, you can now rest more comfortably on soft mattresses. Most mattresses are made of materials such as cotton, straw, foam rubber, and sometimes made with a framework of metal springs. 

But can a bed be too soft to cause discomfort to the person sleeping on it? Yes! And you might have experienced this but didn’t think it was your bed. We suggest you change to a firmer mattress if you notice the following pointers:

Stiff and Painful Back After Waking Up

Although stress, diarrhea, and some spinal diseases can cause sore lower back, sharp back pain, and stiffness of the lower back. Oftentimes, these pain are experienced after waking up as a result of sleeping on soft matrasses. Sounds familiar? Get a firmer bed and see if there are any changes within two days. If there are no changes, you should consult your doctor.

Feeling Like You Are Sinking Deep

Honestly, it usually feels so heavenly at first when you jump on your bed, and then it sinks you in – almost enveloping your body. These types of beds are not too good for your body. High-quality mattresses are usually made of three or more layers; the bottom support layer, the middle transitional layer, and the soft comfort layer. If your bed takes you down to the last support layer as soon as you rest on it, then it is worn or too soft. You need to change it to a firmer one.

Trouble Getting in and Out of Your Bed

A soft bed will trap you within and give you difficulties getting in and out of it. Don’t confuse this “in-bed stuck” feeling for comfort. This is because it is always a different ball game by the time you finally struggle to get out of it – you need to feel alive after waking up, not stressed out all over again.

Waking Up with Neck or Shoulder Pain

This is the most common indicator that you need a firmer bed, especially if you sleep on your stomach. If your mattress is “too soft” sleeping on your stomach exacts extra strain on the upper back, your neck, and your jaw. The neck pain might also suggest that you need a good pillow. However, if the pain continues after getting, you should consider getting a firmer bed since your hips are probably sinking too deep into your mattress. 

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Some pains in the neck, shoulder, hip region, and around the spine are not necessarily caused by diseases or sugar. You just probably need to change your bed to a firmer one. We suggest you see your doctor if you keep experiencing discomfort after changing your bed. Contact Bedrooms to get reliable firm beds for the home. Browse our mattresses and give us a call with any questions you may have! 978-535-6421

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