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5 Steps Towards a Cozy Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. At the end of a long day, you should walk into your bedroom and feel ready to relax. A cozy bedroom promotes better sleep and relaxation, but most people don’t have a bedroom that they love. Follow these 5 simple steps to transform your bedroom into a cozy oasis you can’t wait to come home to! 

1. Invest in a Cozy Mattress

If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, your mattress may be to blame. Stiff joints and sore muscles are a tell-tale sign that it’s time to upgrade your mattress. Try out a variety of mattresses before picking one to purchase. You should spend at least 10 minutes lounging on each mattress before you make a decision. Ignore terms like “soft” and “medium soft” because it’s all a matter of personal opinion what’s soft and what’s not. 

2. Assess the Lighting 

If your bedroom has harsh lighting, it definitely won’t feel cozy. Assess the lighting situation to see where there’s room for improvement. Stay away from harsh bright bulbs. Instead, opt for soft lamps and blinds that can block out outside light when it’s time to sleep.

3. Redo the Paint

Did you know that the color of a room can impacts your mood? It sounds crazy, but it’s true! White, yellow, and deep earthy green tones are associated with a cozy and relaxed mood. If you have a wall to use as an accent wall, a deep purple shade is a great way to bring variety into the space without overwhelming it. Redoing the paint in your room will not only give it a whole new look, but it gives you a fun quarantine DIY project too! 

4. Pick Cozy Décor 

Surround yourself with cozy décor to take your bedroom to the next level. Fuzzy blankets, pillows, and rugs are a fun way to make the space feel more relaxed and welcoming. An electric fireplace is another great option! If you’re feeling adventurous, try putting a canopy around your bed so you can finally live out all of your childhood princess dreams. 

5. Fill the Room with Calming Smells 

Scent is another sense that has a major impact on our moods and the ability to relax. Fill your bedroom with a smell you love. You can use candles, essential oils, wax warmers, and oil warmers to keep your room smelling great 24/7. Lavender, vanilla, and jasmine are among some of the most popular calming smells. 

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