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Transitioning Your Nursery to a Big Kid Room

Before you realize, your baby is no longer creeping, but standing tall, walking with balance and strength, expressing a personality and the attitude to match. Where did the time go? Right in front of your eyes, your baby is now a big kid that needs an entirely new space. You’ll find that the current nursery is no longer ideal for your big kid and his or her changing needs. How can you transition your nursery to a big kid room? Take a look at these useful tips that can help you with the transition.

Swap the Crib For The Big-kid Bed

Your big kid’s sleeping situation will probably be one of your biggest concerns. You'll find that the crib is no longer suitable for your big kid who’s making attempts to scale the rails and escape. Consider replacing one side of the crib with a low safety rail if the crib has a toddler rail kit. This will allow your big kid some degree of independence to get in and out of bed without mommy or daddy’s help. However, you could also opt for a ground-level free-standing toddler bed and use the crib mattress and bedding rather than purchase new ones, or purchase a big-kid bed. Don’t forget to get a stool if your kid will need assistance climbing into bed. 

Get Big-kid Bedding

Now that your kid has a personality, change up the bedding to compliment their new attitude. Whether you use bold colors or something more neutral, keep in mind that you’re catering to your big kid. Make it a goal to let your kid’s personality be reflected in the choice of bedding that you select. It’s a good idea to take your big kid shopping with you and let your child participate in the process by choosing at minimum a stuffie.

Bye-Bye Changing Table, Hello Dresser

It’s natural to anticipate when your big kid will no longer be using diapers and the changing table will be a thing of the past. Maybe you’re using the bed or floor area instead for changing on occasion. However, an easy changeover is if you’ve been using a dresser for changing with a changer on top. Simply remove the changer and restyle for convenience and aesthetics. Maybe you want to repurpose the dresser and refresh it with a splash of new color or hardware.

Revamp Storage

Kids can accumulate a lot of stuff, from toys to books, and you need a place to stow them away. This makes storage an important aspect of transitioning from a nursery to a big kid room.  As children grow and develop, their books and toys change with them. Some kids may acquire more of each or end up with less depending on factors, such as interest and need. Regardless, proper storage is needed to not only make items accessible but to also keep them organized. Storage options include bins, shelving, and baskets. Also convenient are hooks for hanging items such as dress-up clothes and towels, displaying items like educational charts at their height.

Don’t Forget Playtime Space

Playtime is important for a growing and imaginative kid and you should endeavor to create a small play area in their room for your little-big one. This could take the form of a dollhouse or teepee for example. Your kid having his/her own space will keep them and their play stuff especially, out of yours. Create more space in the room by removing the rocking chair from when your kid was a baby if you are still holding on to that piece of furniture. Any furniture or gear that your child has outgrown, remove and place in storage or donate. 

Visit Bedrooms in Peabody

If you’re getting ready to make the transition from nursery to big kid room, Bedrooms have a variety of items that can get you started. No matter your kid’s personality, or the specific need, we have you covered. Come talk to one of our experts who will gladly help to guide you in making the right selection for your big kid’s room. Also, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions! 978-535-6421

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