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Health Benefits of Sleeping on A Serta Mattress

A good night’s rest is always a desirable thing and achieving that end is oftentimes dependent on the mattress that you sleep on. No one enjoys an uncomfortable mattress because your sleep is just too important. Furthermore, over time, that awful mattress will take a toll on your body, leaving you with unwanted aches and pain. A poor-quality mattress can do much more than rob you of sleep and that is why Serta mattresses have emerged as a go-to standard of comfort, luxury, and high-quality mattresses. Serta mattresses provide several health benefits that you should know about before you go shopping for a new mattress. Check out these health benefits of sleeping on a Serta.

Alleviates Back Pain 

The simple fact is, according to the American Chiropractic Association, 31 million Americans suffer from low-back pain at any given time. Serta mattresses are designed to foster back health and keep back pain at bay. The adjustable foundation and compatible feature of the Serta mattresses help to manage back pain aiding your ability to enjoy the most comfortable and satisfying position to sleep through the night. The adjustability of Serta allows the sleeper to elevate their head and feet, which helps to minimize the pressure on the lower back, as well as shoulders and neck. The result is less pain in the morning.

Keeps the Muscles Cool

The unique design of Serta mattresses provides optimal temperature control that helps the muscles to relax. Serta’s gel memory foam is infused with a cooling component that effectively transfers body heat into the foam, allowing your muscles to keep cool and breathable throughout your sleep. If you have achy and tired muscles, this could help to provide some relief so that you can be in good shape the next day.

Takes Pressure Off The Joints

The flexibility of the mattress’s gel memory foam allows it to quickly adjust to your body movements during sleep. This advantage minimizes the pressure on your joints even if you are a restless sleeper who tosses and turns a lot. You can count on having a restful sleep with limited joint discomfort if any at all. The long-term effects are healthy joints as you move forward. 

Supports Sensitive Areas of the Body

Serta mattresses contours to the body, adjusting to your body movements and positioning. This is possible thanks to the support and flexibility provided by the memory gel foam. Since the mattress can adapt to the contours of your body as you lay, this helps to provide further support and cushion sensitive areas of the body that need relief from pain. You’ll wake up feeling reinvigorated to face the day.

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