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What Bunk Bed Height is Right for My Child?

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Maxtrix have three different bunk bed heights and will show you the differences. 


Keep in mind that no matter the bed height, you can choose from three different bed finishes (white, natural or chestnut), three entrance types (straight ladder, angled ladder or staircase), three mattress sizes (twin, full or Queen), and finally three bed end styles (slat, curved or panel). Easily customize the right look for your child's room! 

Bed & Child Height

We put together some helpful guidelines for choosing the perfect height loft or bunk bed for your child! 

Loft Beds

Low Height Loft

Our lowest “raised” bed, this option is best suited to smaller children, around age 6. Less than 3 feet off the ground, they’ll climb only three steps up to bed, making it a super safe choice for little ones. Choose a staircase or angled ladder for the easiest entry. Underbed space is perfect for playtime.  

Mid Height Loft

Raised 10 more inches than our low version, the Mid Loft is high enough for ample under bed space, but still suitable for kids about 8 years old. Use free space below for storage, study, or leave open for play. At only 61.5” tall, most children will be able to sit up comfortably regardless of ceiling height. 

High Loft

High Lofts are recommended for older kids, think tweens & teens. Floor to slats measures 52.5” – enough under bed clearance to sit comfortably at a desk, making it perfectly suited for a study space. With a total overall height of 71”, it will also still work with 8 ft ceilings when paired with a low-profile mattress. Scroll down to the bottom to learn how to calculate headroom! 

Ultra Loft

Want to go all the way up? Our Ultra High Loft is 6.5” taller than the High version. We recommend this bed for tweens, teens, and even college students. Offering the same benefits as our High Loft, with a few extra inches of under bed space. Just be sure to check ceiling height before deciding on an Ultra High. 

Bunk Beds

Low Height Bunk

Low height bunks are ideal for younger ages – we recommend this option for kids around 6 years old. Measuring 61.5” tall, even the top bunk is a safe height for little ones. Because they are shorter, Low Bunks offer the least amount of space between top + bottom beds, making this better suited to smaller sizes. 

Medium Height Bunk

The Medium Bunk is great for slightly older children, around age 8. Adding 5 inches more to the Low version means the ladder or staircase entry will have one more step, plus you’ll get more headroom between the two beds. This height is the perfect “Happy Medium”, making it a best-seller year after year! 

High Bunk

Older kids, around 10 years, are best suited to our High Bunk Beds. This option gives you the most headroom between the two beds, so even taller children can sit up comfortably on the bottom bunk. Be sure to consider ceiling height, however, as a higher bed means headspace up top is potentially limited. 

 A few final things to consider...

Choose the right mattress! A low-profile option will maximize the sitting height. When used on the bottom bunk, a low profile mattress = more space between top + bottom beds. For a raised bed (top bunk or loft bed), a low profile mattress provides the greatest clearance between bed and ceiling and makes the best use of guardrail safety. 

How to calculate ceiling “headroom”:

  1. Start by subtracting 16” from overall bed height. The resulting number will be the height at which the mattress will rest.
  2. Next, add the thickness of your mattress – this will determine the height at which your child will actually be laying.
  3. Now take the measurement resulting from Step 2 and subtract this from your ceiling height.

For example, let’s say you want to put a High Loft Bed (71”H) in a room with 8 ft (96”) ceilings and your mattress is 5” thick.

71”-16” = 55”
55”+5” = 60”
96”-60” = 36” of headroom

    They don’t stay little for long, so shop with confidence knowing a Low Loft Bed, perfect for your young child today, will easily convert to a high loft when the time comes.

    And lastly, once you’ve decided which bed height is right for your child, make sure it’s also the perfect fit for your bedroom. Read our guide to selecting the right bed for your space!

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