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What Mattress Size is Right for You?

Did you know that a lack of sleep is one of the prime reasons people suffer from health conditions? After all, sleep is an essential part of your growth and development. The US government’s statistics show that countless adults fail to get less than the recommended hours of sleep. Are you one of them?

If no, then you need to figure out possible causes behind your sleep deprivation. Your mattress could be one of the biggest reasons you don’t get enough sleep! Yeah, it can be a great influence on how well you sleep. So, if you want to improve your sleep or simply replace your old mattress, here are a few sizes for you to pick from.

3 Chief Factors to Consider

Family Size

You should know the number of people who will be sleeping on your new mattress (spouse, number of children, etc.).

Body Size

Consider the body size of the people who will sleep on the mattress. You’ll probably have a clue of this already, but it is important to keep this in mind regarding specific mattress dimensions.


Keep an eye on your budget because the larger the mattress, the higher the cost.

Mattress Sizes


Often the prompt answer for large families. Yet, you should consider dimensions carefully. If you share your bed with your spouse and occasionally, your children, this is an ideal option for the best sleep. With large “king” dimensions of approximately 76 by 80 inches, this is a very roomy mattress.

California King

Cal King size mattress is somewhat similar to the “king-size” mattress. However, it lowers at least four inches in width while increasing the length to the same proportion (a typical dimension of 72 by 84 inches). This is ideal for tall people who reach over 6 feet in height.


It is spacious but a little less wide than the former size. Although it suits tall people, the large size restricts the movement around the bedroom or any other room it lies in. You can consider this to share with your spouse and a baby (or a pet). Typical dimensions are normally 60 by 80 inches.

Twin and Twin XL

These are generally the smallest mattress sizes that do not go inside a crib. It is suitable for growing toddlers and children. The dimensions are around 38 by 80 inches to 38 by 75 inches. Moreover, this can also suit a single person lying down in his room. The XL offers extra room for leg (you can consider this for your school or college dorm).


Whatever your mattress size requirements are, Bedrooms offers the best mattress variety along with unique and highly-satisfying customer service. So don’t hold up! View the mattress options we have and give us a call at 978-535-6421 to inquire in detail.

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