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How To Mix And Match Bedroom Furniture

Mixing and matching furniture in your bedroom can seem like a daunting task. It could be a case of sorting out several pieces of existing or new furniture or matching colors to create a cohesive style. With the tons of ideas and inspiration available, you might need to creatively mix and match your bedroom furniture to suit your preferences. In this article, we’ll try to help you select furniture pieces that will uniquely transform your bedroom space. 

Should You Mix Your Bedroom Furniture?

Since matching sets are readily available in stores and catalogs, why is there a need to mix bedroom furniture? Your bedroom is a unique space that is personal to you. Mixing and matching your bedroom furniture according to your preferences is a way to make the space entirely yours. Your bedroom should look and feel unique, just as you are. Instead of picking a ready-made catalog bedroom arrangement, you can have a creative mix that suits you perfectly. 

Tips on Mixing and Matching Bedroom Furniture

Select a theme that suits your preferences

You should be sure that you choose a theme that fits your preferences because you’ll be the one spending the most time in the room. Whether you prefer a cozy aesthetic feel or a modern minimalist design, having a theme will help you make better furniture choices.

Repeat tones in your furniture pieces

When choosing your bedroom furniture according to your theme, use furniture pieces with similar tones for consistency. You can achieve this repetition of styles by matching furniture pieces that have at least one matching element. For example, suppose your dresser has a particular color or texture. In that case, you can choose a headboard with the same color or texture. 

Maintain contrast and consistency

As you choose pieces of furniture with similar components, watch for contrast too. A way to achieve this is by choosing a similar style for the furniture pieces while varying their textures or patterns. The key to mixing and matching furniture is maintaining contrast and consistency. Select similar components and put in some contrasting elements to create a unique bedroom space.

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