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Tips For Saving Space In Your Bedroom

Do you live in a small bedroom and regularly feel like there is not much space to fit all your belongings, not even the necessities? Or perhaps your room has gotten cluttered, and you're searching for ways to declutter and recover your beautiful floor space? There's no need to worry! There are plenty of ways to regain control of your space, whether you're looking to free up floor space or you're suffering from a lack of storage. Below are some smart ways to organize your bedroom without breaking the bank or a sweat while also ensuring a calm and restful sleeping space!

Wall and High Shelves

If there is no space beside the bed for a nightstand, make use of the wall instead. Hang shelves as high as possible on the wall while still ensuring your room looks clean. Even if you need to get a little step ladder, wall shelves provide room for books and other sundries in a super-narrow sleeping space. You will gain a lot of storage space by installing high shelves.

Night Stand

Mounting a nightstand on the wall is one of the many ways to save space in a small bedroom. You can use the open space underneath the nightstand to keep things like shoes and books. While the nightstand visually enlarges the space in the room, it frees up space below it as well.

Folding Desk

Having a floating table that folds into the wall when not in use can help free up space in the room while also using the storage space on the wall part for other things. If you don't need the storage space, but like the desk, you could make your floating desk with a mirror on the side. So whether the desk is in use or not, it's still valuable.

Storage Bench

To save more space, turn your chair or bench into storage by getting an ottoman or storage bench that lets you store things in them. This is a great storage spot for shoes, books, blankets, out-of-season clothes, and more!


Need more space? Save some more by installing a small rack or shelf above the door. You can use it to keep things such as extra pillows and blankets without sacrificing other storage space to store them.

Platform Bed

You can install a platform bed if you're in the process of remaking your bedroom. It gives you a bed frame you will love while also adding lots of storage spaces under the bed itself to give you a clean, nice, and restful bedroom.


Wardrobes provide a nice, built-in look if your apartment lacks closet space. They can go a long way in making up for it, and if you have a smaller bedroom, you can just skip the nightstands and place the wardrobes on any side of the bed.

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